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(859) 255-7639
1431 Leestown Rd
Lexington, KY

The Safest Trampolines Ever Made

Introducing Vuly Trampolines, the Australian trampoline built from the ground up to be absolutely safe for everyone - kids to adults!

  • Springleaf technology - No individual coil springs to get a foot or finger caught between.
  • Power Center: An seamlessly integrated jumping pad and net. You can't fall out!
  • The world's strongest trampoline. Want to see a car dropped on it?
  • Designed by a team of industrial design and safety experts, Thunder has the best bounce of any recreational trampoline in existence. 


thunderIs your back yard ready for the ultimate trampoline? You can bet your kids are. We have the Vuly Thunder ready for you. 

Visit us at 1431 Leestown Rd to see one for yourself!


leafspring detailSpringleaf Technology For the Ultimate Bounce

Our exclusive springs are part of what makes our trampoline so spectacular! No sharp edges. No tiny parts to get a body part stuck in. No worries about safety!

Plus, the tapered design of the spring gives the Vuly Thunder a cushioned bounce that no other trampoline offers. These are truly the best trampoline on the market!

tight-netThe Safest Net On the Market

Thunder's Safety Net is so well put together you can crash into it all you like. You won't get grazes, hurt by the net poles, or fall down towards the frame as you would on cheaper brands.

Plus, the net and jumping pad are integrated into one continuous unit - no crack to slip through or get stuck in!

strong-frameSturdy, Long-Lasting Frame

Resistant to rust, scratches and cracks, Thunder's frame will last a lifetime in tip-top condition. The unique shape of our strong dual-frame design means you'll feel more power in every bounce.


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