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Apex Grill


The APEX grill from Holland is constructed from Stainless Steel, providing long life and top performance. The cabinet design includes a door, which allows for easy access to the LP tank, room for BBQ tools, and a better overall appearance.


  1. Stainless Steel handle for easy lifting
  2. Stainless Steel cooking grid is guaranteed for the life of the grill
  3. NuStone side shelves safe for direct food contact
  4. Woodchip drawer for smoking
  5. Rotary spark ignition system for easy lighting(1 YEAR WARRANTY)
  6. Smooth powder-coated textured steel cabinet for a classy look and easy cleaning
  7. Convenient front-door access with utensil storage on the door
  8. Heavy-duty casters (two locking) for easy moving on the deck
  9. Solid one-piece steel base
  10. Complete warranty info
  11. Grill temperaure thermometer in the lid
  12. Back panel for extra sturdiness and finished look
  13. Aluminum no-rust drip pan

A note about Stainless Steel: You might notice in your research that our stainless grill uses 14,000 BTU's and the aluminum grills are set for over 20,000 BTU. BTU rating are simply a calculation based primarily on gas pressure orifice size, or the amount type of gas burning per hour (heat output per hour). Since stainless steel retains heat better than the other grill materials, it requires less gas to heat SS grills to the same temperature, therefore SS grills are intentionally designed with a slightly smaller orifice in the gas valve than black grills. You could say that SS grills get better "gas mileage" than black grills. All full sized Holland grills, no matter which material, are designed to heat to the SAME temperature. It is TEMPERATURE that cooks your food, not BTU's.


  • BTU's 14,000
  • Cooking Hours 21 per 20lb tank
  • Dimensions (Height x Depth)48" x 24"
  • Cooking Grid Dimensions 24 5/16" x 16 3/8"

20lb cylinder not included. Easily convert to natural gas (approved orifice sizes: Propane - #57, Nat. Gas - #53)

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